Massachusetts Envirothon

The Middlesex Conservation District is a sponsor and organizer of the Massachusetts Envirothon, a natural resource program for high school students. Teams comprised of five students represent their respective school or organization in a statewide environmental competition testing their knowledge of the ecology and the natural environment including: water, soils, wildlife, habitat management, agriculture, and a current environmental issue. The topic areas are combined at test site eco-stations, where students have the opportunity to look at the environment as a whole. For more information please visit the Massachusetts envirothon website

The Envirothon’s purpose is to:

  • Cultivate a desire to learn more about our natural environment through competitive events
  • Develop a greater appreciation of our dependence on the natural environment
  • Provide students with experiences in environmental-oriented activities and problem solving
  • Provide a sense of personal stewardship of natural resources.

A scholarship to the University of Massachusetts College of Natural Resources and the Environment is awarded each year to one senior applicant who has participated in the Envirothon program.

To learn more about the Massachusetts Envirothon, contact:
Brita DempseyEnvirothon Coordinator

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