Showy Goldenrod Seeds


(Solidago speciosa) One of the showiest species of goldenrod that occur within the United States. A late bloomer occurring from late summer to the middle of autumn. A pollinator and bird favorite! Also on Dr. Robert Gegear’s plant list. Also, contrary to popular belief, goldenrods do not cause hay fever. Goldenrods are important features of the landscape, as they provide ecosystem services late in the season when other plants are dying off. PS/S/DR/(C60)/D

Approximately 50 seeds per packet.

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Seed Abbreviations

Light Requirement: S=Sun PS=Part Sun Sh=Shade
Tolerance: AT=Anaerobic Tolerant DT=Drought Tolerant DR=Deer Resistant ST=Salt Tolerant
Germination Codes1: A=no pre-treatment C(#)= Cold Storage (# days) D=surface sown H=needs scarification I=Legume M=plant outdoors in fall

1 Germination codes courtesy of Prairie Moon Nursery