New England Aster Seeds


(Symphyotrichum novae-angliae) Another late season bloomer with stunning bright purple flowers. Easily to identify pre-bloom by leaves that nearly encircle a hairy stem. Another attractor of numerous pollinators and a host plant for the Crescent butterfly. Serves as a nectar source for monarchs. Best planted in meadow gardens or as backdrop to shorter plants such as the purple coneflower due to leaves dropping as it grows. Prune this plant early in the season to promote bushy growth. Notice: does not do well in dry soils. Also a prolific self-seeder; prune seed heads before they are ripe to decrease unwanted seedlings. PS/S/DT/C(60)


About 50 seeds per packet

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Seed Abbreviations

Light Requirement: S=Sun PS=Part Sun Sh=Shade
Tolerance: AT=Anaerobic Tolerant DT=Drought Tolerant DR=Deer Resistant ST=Salt Tolerant
Germination Codes1: A=no pre-treatment C(#)= Cold Storage (# days) D=surface sown H=needs scarification I=Legume M=plant outdoors in fall

1 Germination codes courtesy of Prairie Moon Nursery