Blackeyed Susan Seeds


(Rudbeckia hirta) This brightly yellow flowered opportunist thrives in disturbed sites. Note this is a biennial, it completes its life cycle in two years. However, it will reseed. Daisy-like blooms are about two to three inches wide. Cones of flowers become seed heads that attract birds. Serves as a host plant for at least 15 species of lepidopterans, including the wavy-lined emerald and the silvery checkerspot. PS/S/DR/C(30)

Approximately 1,000 seeds per packet.

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Seed Abbreviations

Light Requirement: S=Sun PS=Part Sun Sh=Shade
Tolerance: AT=Anaerobic Tolerant DT=Drought Tolerant DR=Deer Resistant ST=Salt Tolerant
Germination Codes1: A=no pre-treatment C(#)= Cold Storage (# days) D=surface sown H=needs scarification I=Legume M=plant outdoors in fall

1 Germination codes courtesy of Prairie Moon Nursery