Caring for your plants

Now that you’ve brought home all those plants from our sale, what’s the next step?

Bare Root Plants

For any bare root plant it is necessary to get it into soil ASAP! We recommend potting your bare root stock when you get home, and placing it in a partly shaded location – where you remember to keep an eye on it and water it – rather than planting directly in the garden.  After 6-8 weeks the plant will have started to leaf out and develop a root system. At this point you may transplant them to their permanent location. Please keep watered and protect them from lawn mowers, dogs, and other hazards, until they are well established.

Small Pots and Plugs

We recommend transplanting these into slightly larger pots, and keep them in part shade as described above, until the root system is established. They can manage for a week or so in the pot you received, but please transplant as soon as feasible. You may put these in their permanent locations IF you will remember to keep them watered. They need to extend their roots into the surrounding soil and until that happens, they need to be watered. Even plants that like “dry” soil can dry out and die during their first season if not watered carefully.

Large Pots (quarts, #1 containers)

You may plant these directly in their permanent location; again, keep an eye on them for their first season so they do not dry out.

Fruiting Plants

The best source of information is our supplier’s guide: Fruit Planting Guide


Most of our fall planted bulbs can be planted into the garden in October and November. A few varieties (lilies, erythroniums, etc) should be planted immediately upon receipt – these will be noted in our catalog.

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