New England Showy Wildflower Seed Mix


Seed mix contains: Little Bluestem, Red Fescue, Indian Grass, Partridge Pea, Canada Wild Rye, Riverbank Wild Rye, Butterfly Milkweed, Black Eyed Susan, Lance Leaved Coreopsis, Ox Eye Sunflower, Common Sneezeweed, Marsh Blazing Star, Blue Vervain, New England Aster, Wild Blue False Indigo, HollowStem Joe Pye Weed, Early Goldenrod.

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Seed Abbreviations

Light Requirement: S=Sun PS=Part Sun Sh=Shade
Tolerance: AT=Anaerobic Tolerant DT=Drought Tolerant DR=Deer Resistant ST=Salt Tolerant
Germination Codes1: A=no pre-treatment C(#)= Cold Storage (# days) D=surface sown H=needs scarification I=Legume M=plant outdoors in fall

1 Germination codes courtesy of Prairie Moon Nursery